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What software technologies do you specialise in?

Brandon Cross has an exceptional team of developers specialising in numerous programming languages and technologies. By preference we use well established programming languages and technologies to provide long term security for your software investment.

Many bespoke solutions are best delivered using a combination of bespoke components and cloud services. As a result our preference is to use native JavaScript or TypeScript. Our own core technology platform is based on Node.JS and TypeScript allowing maximum architectural flexibility whereby business logic can be set to run either on a server or just as easily in a browser or mobile app.

Alternatively, if you have other preferences or existing software investment, we are just as at home using other languages such as Java, C# or C++. We can also use some more obscure or less well known programming languages such as Common Lisp or Prolog for Artificial Intelligence applications.

Different situations require different technologies, but how your project is structured and managed is equally important and we have that experience. What is right for your project will depend on numerous factors. Our expertise is to properly consider the options and help you through the process.