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Will automations have the ability to do my job in 2030?

Robotic automation and AI is going to change the world. Many more repetitive physical tasks will be automated. Cars will drive themselves. Factories and warehouses, which already have a lot of automation, will continue to squeeze out humans. Houses will be effectively 3D printed. AI can even create music and art.

BUT, the world is messy and fiddly, and there'll be things which only humans can do for a long while yet. You won't find a robot mending a broken roof or fence, doing the ironing, weeding, arranging flowers or cleaning up after your kids. At least not by 2030 (if only because it won't be economic.) Sure, some jobs will become obsolete, as they already have done.

When did you last speak to a telephone operator, or have to have something copy typed? Further, people need people. Would you like to go to a restaurant where your selected meal is delivered from a vending machine? No, didn't think so. How about a musical theatre show played only by robots and projections. No, not that either.

Technology will change the world and it won't all be for the better. Big tech companies have big responsibilities. Meanwhile vote with your habits and your wallets.