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What makes Brandon Cross different?

Brandon Cross consultants are problem solvers, and our objective is to meet the needs of our clients by helping them create innovative software solutions, or breathing new life into their existing software or software development teams.

This may involve us in one of a number of ways, such as

  • providing the necessary technical oversight to keep things on the straight and narrow, mindful of the commercial realities but also the technical challenges faced by the team.
  • mentoring their existing development team to help them to work better together and refine their technical and collaboration skills, and produce better quality code.
  • or taking on the entire software engineering and delivery process from concept to completion, while minimising risks and allowing our clients to remain in control of budgets and timescales.

Unlike most software development companies our main objective is not to keep our team of consultants and software developers busy, or even necessarily create the software ourselves. The main objective is to meet the needs of your business as cost effectively as possible, while following a strategy which protects your investment and gives you the flexibility you need.

It is better to use off-the-shelf solutions, if they will meet your needs with the flexibility required to adapt as your business grows and develops. Often though that is a big "if" and the compromises too great.

Our ideal clients have already concluded that an off-the-shelf solution will not adequately meet their needs. From that conclusion we can help take them the rest of the way.