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What if I want you to work with a technology that you are not familiar with?

If you are already heavily invested in a specific technology for which we are not sufficiently familiar then we have a number of options:

  1. If the technology is sufficiently modern and it would be of benefit to us for future projects then we may choose to acquire the expertise ourselves at no cost to you.
  2. We may subcontract for specific skills, subject to your agreement. If we subcontract for any part of the work we will take full responsibility for the quality of the work and provide any necessary ongoing maintenance and support.
  3. We may direct you to a suitable software development partner who does have the skills and experience required.
  4. We may recommend alternative technologies if we think this may be a better long term investment for you, particularly if you are working with a legacy technology which may have a limited lifespan.

For greenfield projects our clients typically have a business problem to solve, or opportunity to pursue, in which case the technology choices are less important to them, and we will help determine the most appropriate and cost effective technology to use for the task; while minimising any associated risks to protect their investment.