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Who owns the software that you write for me?

The solution we provide to you will be yours. Once delivered and paid for, you can maintain the solution yourself with or without our assistance. We will provided everything you need to build the solution yourself as part of the handover process.

Any pre-existing software that we use will remain with the original owners. Such software may be third party licensed software or cloud services, in which case you will need to purchase the necessary license or subscription from the original vendor. (Unless we do this on your behalf as part of a separate service agreement.) We will make everything clear to you up front to make sure you are happy with the choices we make and the ongoing commitments this may require.

We often use Open Source software components which are provided free of charge to reduce ongoing charges and total cost of ownership.

In some cases we may use and adapt pre-existing Brandon Cross software for which we own the copyright. In this case we retain the ownership to such components, however you will be free to continue to use such software as part of the overall solution delivered to you as part of the project, even after any support agreement you may have with us has lapsed.