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What are the commerical terms for your services?

The commercial terms under which we create solutions or provide services is something we agree with our clients up front.

This may be:

  • the provision of suitable software engineering and development resources on a day rate basis.
  • a fixed number of days at a fixed price for a set program of consulting, such as a system and process review or a defined set of workshops or reports.
  • an agreed number of consulting or software development days per month at a pre-agreed rate.
  • a fixed price for the development of a sufficiently well scoped and specifed bespoke solution.

Which is best will depend on a number of factors, including how well defined or fluid the project deliverables are, how much flexibility the client requires to adjust and steer the project as it is delivered, and the level of risk, both for us and for the client, in the delivery of the required functionality.

Our payment terms will depend on your preferences and what makes most sense for the project. For consulting engagements we will invoice monthly based on work completed. For software development projects we can charge per day or agree a payment scheduled tied to agreed delivery milestones. Support contracts are invoiced monthly in advance.